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Our Services

"VPG entered the project at a time when we were looking at a cost effective solution for the fit-out of the villas. It was also critical not to compromise the brand standards of Hilton and the developer. VPG stood out from other suppliers because they could supply a wide range of products with bespoke designs, and the on-site installation team ensured the products were installed very easily."
Michael Leung - Development Design Manager Hilton
"We provided VPG with only hand drawn drawings from which the team created the necessary shop drawings, 3D colour renderings to full scale prototypes which we inspected at the VPG Studio in China. From finished product, delivery dead lines, working within strict budgets, up to the manner in which our furniture was packed for shipping, VPG exceeded our expectations on all counts."
Geremy Lucas - Director Grandco Hospitality Group Pvt Ltd.
“The Sheraton Bangalore was awarded the “Best New Hotel of the Year South Asia 2012...Compliments to the great work of your team and your nice pieces all over the hotel.”
Tehillah Fu - Designer Di Leonardo for The Sheraton Bangalore